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The world’s
 smart bin lock solution.

Stop unauthorised access with the touch of a button.

A clean solution,
to a messy problem.

Small changes,
Big impact.

By taking complete ownership of what's in our bin we can contribute to a cleaner world.

This is why we have developed the world's first smart bin lock, putting the power of managing your waste in the palm of your hand.

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Here are a few features that make locking your bin effortless



Control access to your bin with the touch of a button using the LockWaste app.


Automatic Unlocking

LockWaste's algorithm knows when the truck is picking up the bin, automatically unlocking it for easy removal.


Hands-Free Technology

Extra convenience by automatically locking your bin as it moves from your property to kerbside, without the need use the app.


Tamper-Proof Design

Durable and weather-resistant design


Easy Installation

No need for any complicated wiring, LockWaste can be easily attached to any standard bin.

Smart Bin Lock

No padlocks,
No keys,

No hassle.

No more overflowing bins, and dirty streets.

Stop people from overfilling your bin, preventing overweight charges or overspilling onto the streets.

Traditional lock and key solutions can be painful and annoying to use. That's where LockWaste comes in.

Our smart and secure bin lock solution provides all the benefits of locking your bins, without the hassles.


 No more   contamination in your recycling  waste. 

Minimises the chance of contamination happening in your recycling bin, ensuring that your recycling is clean and can be processed correctly.

No more
tipped over, unprotected bins.

Keep your bin contents secure even if the bin tips over. LockWaste prevents the bin from opening, avoiding litter on streets and reducing the changes of identity theft.

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