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We're dedicated to providing solutions that tackles the worlds waste problems at the household and business level. Even a small amount of trash can contaminate a truckload of recycling, causing it to be diverted from the recycling plant to landfill. By empowering people with LockWaste, they will have complete control of their bins which will decrease the amount of contaminated recycling we produce. LockWaste will not solve the worlds waste problem, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Our story starts with one of our founders, Alejandro. With years of experience in the waste industry, Alejandro saw firsthand the challenges of dealing with contaminated recycling and discovered that the solution laid at the household and business level.


By the time the recycling reached the plants, it was often too contaminated to be cleaned and sorted effectively. Through surveys and discussions with the public, he learned that people wanted to recycle more responsibly, but often felt their efforts were futile due to contamination from others.

This realisation led to the creation of LockWaste. Our mission is to provide households and businesses with a solution that gives them complete control of their bins and, in turn increase recycling efforts. We set out to improve the traditional padlock and key, making it hassle-free for people to secure their bins and protect their recycling efforts.


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