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Sorting Litter for Recycling

Our technology will keep recyclable materials secure, making sure they end up at your recycling plant.

By becoming a distributor of LockWaste, you'll be offering your customers a game-changing solution that not only makes their waste management process more efficient, but also prevents their bins from being overweight due to unauthorised access.

Benefits of becoming a
Lockwaste distributor

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Protecting Revenue

LockWaste helps protect your revenue by preventing recyclable materials from being taken out.

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Reduced Costs

By preventing overfilling and tipping, LockWaste can help reduce costs associated with overweight bins and the clean-up of overspilt litter.

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As a distributor, you can offer value-added with product mark up and services such as installation, increasing your revenue stream.

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LockWaste provides peace of mind for your customers who need to dispose of sensitive documents or other products they don’t want taken out of their bin.


Sydney, Australia


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