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Lockwaste wins the Good Design Awards!

Image of Lockwaste lock with logo of the Good Design Award

The world's first smart bin lock is the WINNER of the Good Design Awards!

Best product design in the HARDWARE AND BUILDING category.

We are so proud!

A truly good design is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality and we are more than honored to receive such a prestigious recognition!

Lockwaste is the world’s first smart bin lock solution dedicated to sustainable waste management. The innovative proximity and sensing technology automatically locks the garbage bin while awaiting pick-up and automatically unlocks it during waste collection. It prevents the contamination of recycled materials and helps to keep our streets cleaner and safer.

The Australian Good Design Awards presents the very best in design and innovation. First established in 1958 under the direction of the Industrial Design Council of Australia, the award has been providing the benchmark for excellent design worldwide for more than 60 years.

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