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Identity Theft: Why Your Trash is a Goldmine for Criminals

Identity theft has become an increasingly common problem in today's society, and one of the ways thieves obtain sensitive information is by sifting through the trash. Many people may not realise that discarding a document in the trash can leave them vulnerable to identity theft, especially if it contains personal information like old credit cards, bank statements and medical bills.

One way to protect yourself from identity theft is to shred any sensitive documents before throwing them away. This will make it nearly impossible for anyone to reconstruct your personal information from the shredded pieces.

Another effective way to prevent identity theft is by installing a bin lock. This will prevent anyone from going through your trash when your bin is on the street.

It's important to be mindful of any sensitive documents as you are throwing them away. Before discarding anything, make sure that any personal information is either shredded or removed. By taking these steps, you can protect yourself from identity theft and keep your personal information safe.

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