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The Future of Smart Bin Locks

Lockwaste smart lock installed on a bin
Lockwaste lock

In recent years, app-controlled locks have gained immense popularity among users. Once people start using these locks, they find it challenging to switch back to traditional key locks. With the combination of a back-up key in case of low battery or rare connectivity issues, there are limited downsides to using these locks.

The future holds even more promise as people will be able to leave their homes without the need for keys, using the ability of their phones to open doors. This technology also provides greater control to administrators instead of managing key allocation.

LockWaste has taken the lead by bringing this technology to bin locks. With the touch of a button, you can manage the access to your bins. No longer will you need to rely on chains, padlocks, and keys to prevent unauthorised access to your bins.

Keeping your bin locked will prevent overfilling and excess weight charges caused by pedestrians adding to your bin. Say goodbye to traditional locks and embrace the future of app-controlled bin locks with LockWaste.

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